Latasha Wilson-Batch

Ms. Latasha Wilson-Batch serves as the Executive Director of the Best of the Batch Foundation. Ms. Wilson-Batch’s leadership has helped spearhead the growth of the Batch Foundation, which reaches more than 3,300 boys and girls from financially challenged communities annually. Her direction has resulted in new and innovative educational and extracurricular activities that collectively encourage children to become engaged and active participants in their education and in after-school activities. She has also developed special programs for young girls and women with emphasis on education, sports and fun. In addition, Ms. Wilson-Batch helped to create a scholarship program to fund student education, including additional funding to attend out-of-state institutions and book scholarships.

Ms. Wilson-Batch is a community advocate and motivational speaker. Honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Engagement and Inclusion, Ms. Wilson-Batch serves on several boards, including the Hill House Association, Strong Women Strong Girls, Future, Dignity & Respect National Campaign for Youth, and the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. Ms. Wilson-Batch is currently Vice President in the Off The Field Players Wives Association. This association comprises wives of active and retired NFL players who have raised funds for local and national charitable organizations with a focus on supporting children’s health and charities that strengthen families.

Ms. Wilson-Batch and her husband, Charlie Batch, have five four-legged kids: Roxie, Bunz, Snoop, Nate and Aysia. They reside in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Ms. Wilson-Batch recently completed her MS degree in Professional Counseling at Carlow University and is now pursuing her doctorate in psychology.